Pro Dunk Gold Basketball in Juneao, Alaska

Alberta and her family live in Juneao, Alaska. She took many of them installing. The dimensions of the playing area are 45 feet wide and 50 feet deep. They had to use a jackhammer for two weekends to drill into the bedrock on their house lot to install their Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System. They then poured cement and it was totally worth the effort. It IS earthquake proof.

Bruce excavating with jackhammer for his hoop before pinning, and mixing concrete for Produnk hoop!

There is Bruce shooting some baskets at his Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System.

Bruce loves to dunk his basket!

There is he shooting backward.

There is he shooting some baskets on their large concrete court.

After Jack hammering into this bedrock, Bruce and Dad mixed and poured cement…Produnk hoop will withstand a big Alaskan earthquake…

Dimensions of AK Joneses' bball court--41'wide X 36' deep, 220 feet in elevation on Douglas Island across the channel from Alaska's capital city, Juneau.
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Court Width 45 Feet
Court Depth 50 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System
Order Date July 2012
Customer Alberta J
Location Juneao, AK
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