72 Inch Basketball Hoops

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Bring the gymnasium home with a regulation 72 inch basketball hoop. 🏀 Pro Dunk 72 inch basketball hoops use 💪 ½" thick tempered glass delivering a superior rebound response competitive players will appreciate 👍

Turn your driveway or backyard court into a gymnasium with one of Pro Dunk's 72 inch basketball hoops. Pro Dunk offers regulation 72 inch backboards on all types of systems with adjustable in-ground being the most popular. Our best-selling adjustable in-ground 72 inch basketball hoop is the THOR Platinum which features a heavy-weight dual spring break-away rim, the thickest steel pole in the industry and height adjustment down to an industry low five feet. The 72" backboard is made of regulation ½" thick tempered glass which delivers gym quality performance demanding athletes will appreciate.

Adjustable In-Ground

THOR Diamond
THOR Platinum

Fixed-Height In-Ground



BEAR Platinum


WALL KING Platinum

Features of the best 72 inch basketball hoops

Not all 72 inch basketball hoops are created equal. The best 72 inch basketball hoops use ½" thick tempered glass, are fully framed in a thick aluminum and supported by a beefy support structure.

For in-ground 72" basktball hoops be sure to check specifications closely on the main post. A regulation 72" backboard can weigh up to 200 lbs with the rim attached requiring at least an 8" x 6" post with 5ga thick steel be truly stable. A shorcut in determining the quality of a 72 inch basketball hoop is the weight. The best 72" basketball systems will weight 600 lbs or more. One last item to check is the warranty which should be lifetime, include all structural items like the rim and allow for all basketball play including dunking and hanging.

60 vs 72 backboard

A foot wider and usually 6 inches taller, a regulation 72 inch backboard can make a real difference for competitive players allowing them to get all bank shots in. Any athlete will tell you that you should practice like you play and a 72 inch basketball hoop is the best to do that. Having said that, for smaller areas or players that are not planning on training at home a 60" board might be a beter fit.

Popular 72 Inch Basketball Hoops

Brand Model Type
THOR™ Diamond Adjustable In-Ground
THOR™ Platinum Adjustable In-Ground
APOLLO™ 72 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ 72 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ DC72E1 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ CV72S Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ CV72 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ FT72 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ GS72C Adjustable In-Ground
Goalsetter™ MVP 72 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalsetter™ x672 Adjustable In-Ground
Dominator™ 72XL Adjustable In-Ground
Ryval™ C872 Adjustable In-Ground
Mammoth™ 72 Adjustable In-Ground
Megaslam™ 72 Adjustable In-Ground
Megaslam™ XL Adjustable In-Ground
BEAR™ Platinum Portable
WALL KING™ Platinum Wall-Mount