Goal Light LED

Playing at dusk on a backyard court
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Dual LED lamps pump out 8,000 lumens easily lighting up your area to the three point line. The lamps are mounted over 16 feet above the playing area giving an even light that will not blind players. Works on Pro Dunk and Hercules systems [patent pending 62458721]
Long lasting durability even in high winds with 11ga Square Tubular Steel
Never stop playing just because the sun is going down again
Illuminates your court to the three-point line
No electrician needed. Run an extension cord out when you’re ready to play
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Goal Light LED
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Answer ID 57
Do I need an electrician to hook up power?

No, you can simply run an extension cord out when you're ready to play.

Answer ID 58
Do I need a ladder to install it?

One 8' ladder should be all that's necessary with adjustable basketball systems as you can lower the system to it's lowest height to mount it to the top of the backboard.

Answer ID 59
Is drilling or brackets necessary?

Absolutely not. The bracket attaches using predrilled holes at the top of the backboard.

Answer ID 60
What systems will it work on?

It will work on all Pro Dunk systems including THOR, APOLLO, HERCULES, WALL KING, ROOF KING and BEAR with a few considerations...

BEAR Being portable the light will make the storage requirements much taller unless removed before storing
ROOF KING The bracket MUST be very securely attached to your roof because the light increases weight and leverage

Answer ID 61
How much power does it use?

100 watts per lamp, much less than classic halogen alternatives.

Answer ID 62
How long can I expect the lamps to last?

The average lifespan of our lamps is 10 years