60 Inch Basketball Hoops

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🏀 Pro Dunk 60 inch basketball hoops are our most popular, perfect for driveways and a step above store brands boasting 💪 50% heavier steel and 📏 adjustment down to an industry low 5 feet.

Sitting in the middle, 60 inch basketball hoops are just right for a lot of families. Aesthetically, they are a good fit for neighborhood driveways because they do not take over an area like a regulation 72" backboard might and are still large enough to capture over 90% of bank shots which competitive players will surely appreciate. Browse the Pro Dunk 60 inch basketball hoops below...

Adjustable In-Ground


Fixed-Height In-Ground





ROOF KING Platinum



Should I upgrade from a 60 inch backboard to regulation 72 inch?

The short of it is yes, if you have competitive players and a good sized area. So, what is a good sized area? We usually recommend a 3 car wide driveway or larger. That usually ends up being around a 25 to 30 foot square area. Most people with a dedicated court at a park, backyard or playground will go with a 72 over a 60 inch basketball hoop because players are able to take full advantage of the regulation backboard getting all bank shots in. Competitve players will appreciate the larger backboard because it emulates the gym playing experience exactly.

54 vs 60 inch backboard

The obvious difference is the 3 inches on either side of the backboard. The extra width will allow for more bank shots, especially from the wings. It's also closer to regulation size helping players emulate the gym playing experience at home. Although the backboard size is usually the biggest difference between basketball hoop models there can be others like pole size (stability) overhang (more room to play underneath) and warranty. Be sure to check more than just the backboard size when choosing the best basketball hoop for your players and playing area.

Popular 60 Inch Basketball Hoops

Brand Model Type
THOR™ Gold Adjustable In-Ground
APOLLO™ 60 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ 60 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ GS60C Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ GS60 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ CV60 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ FT60 Adjustable In-Ground
Silverback™ SB60 Adjustable In-Ground
Goaliath™ Ignite Adjustable In-Ground
Megaslam™ 60 Adjustable In-Ground
BEAR™ Gold Portable
ROOF KING™ Platinum Roof-Mount
WALL KING™ Gold Wall-Mount