Boundary Netting

Keep the ball in play with our custom boundary netting
10' tall nylon boundary netting by the foot. Includes square black powder coated posts and steel telescpoing top and bottom supports that deliver a strong structure and no-sag, professional aesthetic. Made to contain the basketball during play perfect for protecting things like windows & landscaping, elimnitaing having to chase the ball down hills and to create a pleasing visual separation of your court from other things in your yard. Optionally, upgrade each post to include things like lighting and the ability to fly a flag of your choice.
10' tall heavy nylon outdoor sports netting
Heavy-duty posts bolt to a cement footer for lasting durability
Netting is fully framed with steel on all four sides, no-sag professional look
Customize your netting with optional flag and lightting posts
Flexible installation with bolt-to-pier posts and varible width sections of netting
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Customize & Buy
How many 10' sections of net do you want?
+ $398.00 each

What is a section?

Each section is 10’ x 10’ of neting with required posts on either side. Netting is supported at both the top and bottom with telescoping steel tubes that alow spacing between posts to vary as much as one foot. These sections are chained together and can be turned 90 degrees to create a corner at any point in that chain.

How are the posts installed?

Each post is bolted to a concrete footer that is approximatly 12” x 12” square, 2’ deep

What if I want multiple, stand alone boundary nets?

If you want 20’ to protect windows on one side of your court and a separate 40’ on the oposite side to prevent the ball from rolling down a hill you wil need to run this "Customize & Buy" wizard once for each side. This will ensure you end up with the correct number of posts.

Do you want to use your basketbal pole as one of your boundary netting posts?
Yes Lowers cost by $100.00

If chosen, one of your posts wil be traded out for a bracket that allows sections of net to be atached to your basketball post. This lowers your cost and will reduce the number of concrete footers needed during installation. This ONLY WORKS when your basketball pole is right where you want one of your boundary netting posts.

Bracket enabling your basketbal pole to also function as a boundary net post

Bracket shown in practice with boundary netting extending either side of the basketball pole

Your boundary netting requires posts. Do you want to upgrade any of them?

Standard Post

Stands 10’ tall allowing for netting to be atached on either side with the option serve as a 90 degree corner post.

Standard Post

Functions the same as a standard post but taller standing an additional 6.5 feet above the boundary net with a dual LED lamp pumping out 8,000 lumens enough to light up a half court area.

Flag Post

Functions the same as a standard post but taller standing an additional 6.5 feet above the boundary net. The post includes necessary hardware to raise a flag of your choice including pulley, rope and stay. An American flag is included!

Light + Flag Post

Light up your court and show pride in your country, school or cause with this combo post.

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Does it work on slopes?

On more gradual slopes the height of the concrete footer can even things out. For longer runs or steep slopes you might consider adding extra posts allowing you to start a new run at a different height. Call in for help on placing an order like this so our experts can make sure you get everything that you need.