Backyard Court Basketball Hoops

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Invest in a 🏀 backyard court and get your 👪 family outside and active

Pro Dunk specializes in backayard court basketball hoops featuring models with regulation 72" backboards and gymnasium quality performance. If you're investing in a backyard court, don't skimp on your basketball hoop. Pro Dunk basketball goals are a big step above store brand quality featuring 50% thicker steel and a lifetime warranty that covers dunking and hanging.

Featured backyard court basketball hoops

THOR Diamond
THOR Platinum

Diamond vs Platinum

Both hoops feature a regulation 72" backboard and are perfect for backyard basketball courts. The key difference between these models is the overhang. The Diamond model has an extra foot at 5' vs the Platinum's 4' overhang. The extra foot, if you have a large backyard court, can be very beneficial allowing you to get the pole completely outside of the regulation playing area. On a regulation basketball court, the baseline is supposed to be 4 feet behind the backboard. Although beneficial, space comes at a premium in most backyard situations so the Platinum's 4' overhang is by far the more popular choice.