Pole Light LED

Add an additional light source to your court with stand-alone lighting
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Features a powerful dual LED lamp system that is mounted over 16' above your court on a stand-alone in-ground pole system. The lamps pump out over 8,000 lumens of light easily lighting up a half court area. The Pole Light LED can be a great additional light source filling in shadows from existing lights or multiple poles can be setup to light your court completely.
8,000 lumens light up half-court
Each lamp can be pointed in any direction independently
Ground achor system is self-leveling
Pole boosts lamps over 16' in the air reducing shadows
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Pole Light LED
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How does this hook up to power?

This is not a solar powered system. To get the amount of lumens needed to light up a half-court area reliably, a hardline is required.

Out of the box, you're able to run an extension cord to the light and plug it in at the base but optimally you'll want an electrician to permanently hard wire it into a switch.