In-Ground Basketball Hoops

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Upgrade your court with the best ⛏️ in-ground basketball hoops from Pro Dunk featuring 💪 50% thicker steel vs store brands and the industry's 👍 best lifetime warranty that covers dunking and hanging

Pro Dunk manufactures the best adjustable basketball hoops available ... a step above what you'll find at your local store with 50% thicker steel and effortless height adjustment down to an industry low 5 feet. Store brands are more difficult to adjust and will only go down to 6 feet, 7 feet or 8 feet. Browse our selection of portable, wall-mounted and in-ground adjustable basketball hoops below.

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Adjustable vs fixed-height

For homeowners, an adjustable in-ground basketball hoop will almost always be the right choice for several reasons

Families with all ages need the flexability that an adjustable hoop offers so that nobody is left out
Home resale is a consideration. Even if you don't need adjustable, the family moving in after you probably does
Installation of an adjustable is much easier because the whole assembly can be done from a standing position. This makes it easier for the DIY weekend warrior or cheaper if you're hiring a professional

Fixed-height in-ground basketball hoops are a better fit in institutional applications likes a school playground, neighborhood park or church parking lot where there is unmonitored play and vandalism might be a worry.

In-ground basketball hoop brands

Brand Type Grade
THOR Adjustable Heavy 500lbs+
APOLLO Adjustable Medium 200lbs+
HERCULES Fixed-Height Heavy 500lbs+

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