54 Inch Basketball Hoops

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🏀 Pro Dunk 54 inch basketball hoops boast 💪 50% heavier steel, superior warranty & more features vs 👎 store brands

Browse Pro Dunk 54 inch basketball hoops below. The most popular category is adjustable in-ground 54 inch basketball hoops which includes THOR, our flagship basketball system. THOR basketball hoops use the thickest steel in the industry at 5ga and adjust the lowest ... down to 5 feet perfect for young competitors. The 54 inch tempered glass backboard is a regulation ½" thick delivering gym quality rebounds. We back our 54 inch THOR Silver with the industry's best lifetime warranty covering all basketball play including dunking & hanging.

Adjustable In-Ground

THOR Silver


BEAR Silver





Is a 54 inch backboard big enough

In a lot of cases, absolutely it is. 80% of bank shots are taken in and around the 24 inch shooter's square which the 54 inch backboard will capture easily. Narrow playing areas are especially well suited for 54" backboards because you're unable to get out very far on the wings which is where you need more glass to make your bank shots. You might also consider your player's level of play. If the 54 inch basketball hoop is more for fun and less for at-home training then the benefits of a larger board might not be there for you.

60 vs 54 inch backboard

The obvious difference is the 3 inches on either side of the backboard. The extra width will allow for more bank shots, especially from the wings. It's also closer to regulation size helping players emulate the gym playing experience at home. Although the backboard size is usually the biggest difference between basketball hoop models there can be others like pole size (stability) overhang (more room to play underneath) and warranty. Be sure to check more than just the backboard size when choosing the best basketball hoop for your players and playing area.

Popular 54 Inch Basketball Hoops

Brand Model Type
THOR™ Silver Adjustable In-Ground
APOLLO™ 54 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ 54 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ GS54C Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ GS54 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ CV54 Adjustable In-Ground
Goalrilla™ FT54 Adjustable In-Ground
Silverback™ SB54 Adjustable In-Ground
Silverback™ SB54IG Adjustable In-Ground
Silverback™ NXT 54 Adjustable In-Ground
Goaliath™ Prodigy 54 Adjustable In-Ground
Goaliath™ Gotek 54 Adjustable In-Ground
Megaslam™ 54 Adjustable In-Ground
BEAR™ 54 Portable
ROOF KING™ Gold Roof-Mount
WALL KING™ Silver Wall-Mount