Perfect playground hoop with a gymnasium look that will hold up to all play
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Add a fun activity to your park, playground or parking lot with a system that plays as well as it looks while holding up to the most aggrssive players out there, guaranteed. Platinum is designed for institutional applications from the ground up with 7ga thick steel one-pice pole, 1/2" thick tempered glass backboard and competition grade break-away rim. The perfect mix of looks, perferformance and durability making the Platinum our most popular fixed-height system.
Regulation 72" tempered glass backboard
Rugged good looks perfect for parks, playgrounds, schools, churches and neighborhoods
Heavy-duty institutional grade contruction unlike store brands
Dunkable heavy-weight dual spring break-away rim
Pole Size6" x 6" with 3/16" (7 gauge) thickness
Steel TypeStructural (mild) carbon steel with .29% carbon and a density of 7.85 g/cm3
Pole / Gusset PaddingIncluded. Custom fitted weather resistant vinyl covering with 1" thick high-impact padding
Flanged Base11.8" x 11.8" x ½" self-leveling
Flanged Base HolesOblong allowing you to square by twisting
Gussets8 of them each 3/8" thick
Backboard Size72" x 42" x 1/2"
Backboard MaterialTempered Glass
Backboard Frame Size2" with ¼" thickness
Backboard Frame MaterialAluminum with steel reinforcement
Glass To Frame MountingMechanically encased in channel with rubber gasket
Rim Mounting TypeThrough glass using grommets. No pressure on glass.
Backboard PaddingAvailable custom fitted weather resistant polyurethane-skinned 1" thick high-impact padding with molded steel inserts for mounting.
Extension Arms
Overhang4' (front of pole to front of backboard)
Main Extension Arm5" x 5" with 1/8" (11 gauge) thickness. Has "A" frame type secondary arm
ServiceIncluded* LTL freight curb-side delivery
Scheduled DeliveryIncluded
Residential DeliveryIncluded
Weight510 lbs.
Shipping Weight630 lbs.
Packaging Configuration5 cartons accross 2 pallets
Fasteners (nuts bolts & washers)
Material (Standard Version)Structural (mild) carbon steel with .29% carbon and a density of 7.85 g/cm3
Material (Rust Armor Version)Stainless steel with UNS Designation of S20100
Rust Armor Version
Structural TreatmentHot Dip Galvanization
Fastener MaterialStainless steel with UNS Designation of S20100
WarrantyExtended. Covers corrosion damage as long you own the system
Anchor and Pier
J-Bolt Count4
J-Bolt Size5/8" diameter 18" long
J-Bolt MaterialUltra-high carbon steel with zinc galvanization
Limited Lifetime WarrantyYes
Covers Dunking & HangingYes
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Average $700.00
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Rust Armor$149.00

The Rust Armor version is best for areas with all four seasons or wet climates.

Manufactured with upgraded stainless steel hardware and galvanized finish. Backed with lifetime corrosion damage warranty.

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Answer ID 48
How does getting professional installation service work?

In most areas, professional installation service is available

We keep a well vetted list of professionals nationwide that have experience with our hoops and that are reviewed by our customers.  Find installers near me

Installation is purchased separately directly with the installer who should be able to give you a price over the phone or after a consultation visit for more complex installations.  Depending on the area and installer, the average price of installation is usually around $500 to $600.  We recommend lining up installation before ordering to make sure you're comfortable with the installer's price and timeline.

In some areas we offer installation service directly.  If you're in one of our areas you can purchase installation during the checkout process.  We'll call shortly after to answer any questions you might have and schedule your install.

Answer ID 49
Do I need any special tools for install?


Because the backboard and rim must be mounted up at a 10' it's recommended to have 3-5 people and a lift or scaffolding to mount the backboard.

If you're thinking about doing the HERCULES install yourself we highly recommend watching our assembly video

Consider adjustable With an adjustable basketball system, the whole assembly can be done from a standing position on the ground making installation easier & cheaper. Also, you do not give up anything in performance or durability. The THOR line of hoops carry the same warranty and can be locked up at 10' with our Adjustment Lock so you have control. Although an adjustable system might cost a little more, you'll save on the installation washing out any price differences.

Answer ID 44
Is the pier kit included?

Yes it is

Everything you need for installation is included except the concrete. We even include the rebar used to steel reinforce your concrete.

The pier kit is sometimes called a concrete anchor or ground kit. It consists of four or six bolts (depending on the model) as well as a template to get those bolts into the correct hole pattern. This is sunk into your wet concrete footer during installation leaving about four inches of thread above ground. After the concrete has cured, the basketball system's pole is attached to these.

Watch our installation video showing the pier kit being installed

Pier Kit Hole Pattern Diagrams

THOR Platinum Gold & Silver, APOLLO 72
9" on center 4 bolt pattern
APOLLO 60 & 54
7" on center 4 bolt pattern

Answer ID 45
How big is the hole and how much concrete is required?

THOR Diamond & Platinum / HERCULES Diamond & Platinum / APOLLO 72
Hole Size: 24" square 4' deep
Concrete: 20-25 80 lbs. bags (3000 psi or greater)

THOR Gold & Silver
Hole Size: 20" square 3' deep
Concrete: 15-20 80 lbs. bags (3000 psi or greater)

Hole Size: 16" square 3' deep
Concrete: 9 80 lbs. bags (3000 psi or greater)

Do not skimp if your soil is not very supportive like a sand. Watch our installation video

Answer ID 47
Can I use an epoxy wedge anchor to bolt my hoop to existing concrete?

Yes if your concrete is strong enough and thick enough

You should consult the bolt manufacturer's directions but typically your concrete should beat least 6" thick and steel reinforced. The thicker the better.

To determine how thick your concrete is, consider drilling a pilot hole. If you find your concrete is 6" thick you should get a bolt that is 9" long (5" down hole with 4" of thread that the basketball pole will attach to).

Some common bolt brands are Red Head and Hilti. You may need order these from a specialty hardware company like Fastenal to get the correct length and diameter.

If your concrete is not suitable for a wedge anchor it's very common to cut / jackhammer through it allowing you to dig down and pour a traditional concrete footer