Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System Ohio

Here's Mark's Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System from Blacklick, Ohio. Court is 50' wide and 24' deep to the garage.

The Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System sits opposite the side-load garage in this rather square space perfect for a basketball court.

How many times do you think it would take to make this shot.

The Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System sits right off the concrete slab with a beautiful mix of natural greenery and sky line.
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Court Width 50 Feet
Court Depth 24 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System
Order Date April 2013
Customer Mark S
Location Blacklick, OH
Review Great Service following the sale
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
The construction quality is very heavy duty. Did come packaged well, though the post had scuffs to baremetal that I was told to touch up with paint. I purchased the rust armor upgrade, but was assured this wouldnt affect the warranty. Had some other minor issues with shipping etc, but the guys at Pro Dunk were fast to correct the problems and make everything right! I have purchased other brand kits in the past and this is more sturdy than anything you can buy in the box stores at the same price point. This could hold the weight of a gorilla hanging on it if it had to when others I know would fail. Best of all, if I move the hoop can be unbolted from the ground and relocated which is an added plus.
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