Pro Dunk basketball system in all seasons

Kyle's album is wonderful showing the Pro Dunk Bronze basketball system in all-weather, angles and seasons. Being a system that was installed about five years prior to the pictures being taken it has really held up quite well. The finish looks good and it still operates flawlessly. The Bronze model has been discontinued since Kyle purchased. The Silver model has now taken its place with a larger backboard at 54 inches wide vs. 48 and larger pole at 5 inches square vs 4.

A great action shot of an adolescent girl dunking on a five foot rim height in the driveway.

You know you're serious about basketball when you're playing in the snow.

Young girl enjoying shooting hoops on a cold day with snow on the ground in the background.

A wonderful job has been done to incorporate this basketball goal in the landscape of the yard. Some mature bushes cover the base and up to about six feet high.

Evergreen trees and a beautifully manicured yard make a dramatic backdrop for the Pro Dunk Bronze basketball system on Kyle's driveway.

Young girl has fun dunking on the Pro Dunk Bronze basketball system showing off vertical leaping ability.
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Court Width 30 Feet
Court Depth 24 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Bronze Basketball System
Order Date June 2009
Customer Kyle B
Location Little Falls, NY
Review exceptional piece of equipment
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
I purchased the Bronze model a few years ago and it has been an exceptional piece of equipment. It looks like the day I installed it despite years of use and exposure to upstate NY weather. Even the padding still looks perfect and post is rust free. It is simply a great product that I am constantly recommending. Even the bronze has proven to be very durable.
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