Pro Dunk Gold Sits In Front of Driveway in Omaha

3 car garages with a concrete slab for a driveway are amazingly transformed by a Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System. This Omaha, Nebraska neighborhood now knows this.

The driveway can be more of a professional basketball area than most thought possible.
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Court Width 20 Feet
Court Depth 25 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System
Order Date June 2012
Customer Jay S
Location Omaha, NE
Review Excellent system, avoid the big-box stores
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
After an extensive home remodel, we needed a new hoop. I tried to get help from sales clerks at the big-box stores, and even a local sports store, but they didn't know their products. When I had similar questions for ProDunkHoops, their advice on the phone was spot on. Installation is not easy nor hard, but it takes a handy person. My father-in-law and I took two hours to dig the hole, and we went deeper than suggested because the front line in Nebraska is lower than what the manual suggested. With the larger hole, we had the option of 30 bags of 60 pound concrete mix, or paying $20 more for a concrete truck to bring a half-yard of concrete. We saved countless hours and headaches by having the concrete delivered. Construction is great, quality is great, price for quality appears better than other vendors. Glad I went this route.
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