Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System

Steven's Gold System in Kenosha, Wisconsin demonstrates the professional look of a Pro Dunk hoop. And, the way it accents the front yard that entices numerous people to gently shake their head "yes."

A driveway wider than a 2 car garage surely has enough room to play some hoop.

Nice open lawn is the carpet behind this hoop.

This roomy and lush front yard is now complete with Pro Dunk hoop.

Basically surrounded by trees and a hedge, the hoop stands out.

The hoop is quite accessible in the front yard.
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Court Width 30 Feet
Court Depth 20 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System
Order Date July 2012
Customer Steven G
Location Kenosha, WI
Review Looks great but rattles like crazy
2 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
This hoop looks great, but I am very disappointed with the amount of rattle. Perhaps the fixed height model would have been more robust. Backboard is good.
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