Unique geometrical basketball court coloring

Michael has created an awesome looking court with one of the most unique floors we've ever seen. The shades of tan geometrical shapes pieced together really make this court pop. The Pro Dunk Platinum looks like a good fit on the 27 foot square court.

A great view from the corner of this unique California court where it looks like spectators have been partaking in the action.

Michael has a done a tremendous job maximizing his area by installing his 27 foot square slab in the corner of his back yard up against a nice looking cedar fence that doubles as ball containment.

Definitely the best shot of this unique basketball floor. A pool sits in the background where I'm sure a few trick shots have been attempted.

It looks like they have a flood light attached to the house that is being used for some nighttime play.
More information about Michael's Photos
Court Width 27 Feet
Court Depth 27 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System
Order Date March 2012
Customer Michael L
Location Sacramento, CA
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