Scenic backyard court with Nevada Mountains

Karl has a created a beautiful place for his family to play basketball. The backyard court looks out on the Nevada desert. Mountains dot the horizon. At such a large width and seeming endless space I think Karl could have upgrade to the Gold or Platinum which has a larger backboard. He would be able to take full advantage of the larger board with his playing area by getting in more bank shots fro mthe wings.

The Pro Dunk Silver faces the house. A massive desert plain is behind the basketball goal from which huge mountains sprout in the distance.
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Court Width 42 Feet
Court Depth 24 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Silver Basketball System
Order Date March 2013
Customer Karl G
Location Silver Springs, NV
Review Great durable hoop
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
Hardest part is the cement but actually setting up the hoop is easy. I actually put up the back board myself. I moved my truck all the way to it and put the back board on the tail gate I then lowered the hoop all the way to the back board and bolted it on.
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