Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball in Bedford, Indiana

Jordan's summer church camp has a Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System on each end of their court. This was one of their biggest updates this year. The goals go a ton of use all summer long. They are happy that Pro Dunk Hoops make the system so easy to raise and lower. The dimensions of their court are 40' x 75'. Jordan's summer church camp is located in Bedford, Indiana.

On the top left there's Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System.

There's a man helping a young girl with dunking the basket.

The picture shows three young men playing some basketball.
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Court Width 40 Feet
Court Depth 75 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System
Order Date May 2013
Customer Jordan M
Location Bedford, IN
Review One of the best purchases we've made for our church camp! Hugely popular, and incredibly reliable.
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
We put two goals to use at our church camp and they got a huge amount of use all summer long. Lots of knockout, pickup games, tournaments, and dunk contests. We love how easy they were to assemble, and how durable they are. We look forward to having these goals for many years with tons of use. Incredible value for the money we spent. Really proud of the way they look when people drive into our camp
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