Pro Dunk Gold Basketball in Pine Island, Minnesota

Eric's Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System was installed in front of his residence last March 2012. The dimensions of the playing area are 50 feet wide and 35 feet deep. Maximum shooting arc ranges from 25 feet to 35 feet.

Almost finished with painting the lines on the driveway.

In there middle you can see a Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System on side of the forked driveway.

There is another picture of the playing area.

Behind the hoop there is the fountain.
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Court Width 50 Feet
Court Depth 35 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System
Order Date March 2012
Customer Eric T
Location Pine Island, MN
Review Awesome B-Ball System.... well worth the money!
5 of 5 Stars
I would recommend this to a friend
The Backboard and Goal are top-notch, very stable pole and easy adjustment system,(my 6-yr-old can adjust the height by himself). We will be enjoying this Hoop for years to come. I told my wife that if we ever move, the hoop is going with us. I ended up doing the full installation myself, with a little help from my wife and a makeshift platform in the bed of my pickup. I consider myself to be an average handyman around the house, and it took me about an hour to assemble from the pole up. The backboard was the hardest part to install, and I would recommend some sort of raised platform to rest the backboard on and lower the arms down to it, OR get at least two other adults capable of holding 100lbs at shoulder height for a couple of minutes. Two of the drawbacks to this system are 1) the preparation of the site that is needed and 2) the sticker shock that some people may have. (allow me to explain) 1) This system is rock solid, but it IS HEAVY, so you have to start with a proper anchor point for the pole. This WILL require you to get your hands dirty and dig a considerable sized hole to fill with re-bar and concrete. But, it is well worth the effort. The diagrams in the user-guide, for the hole size and amount of concrete to use, were very helpful. Don't expect to get your hoop one day and be playing on it the next day, if you haven't already constructed the anchor pier prior to delivery. My hole was a bit deeper than the recommendations, as the frost line around here is at least 42 inches, (my hole was 48" deep by 20" in diameter). 2) At first, the price of the system can seem a little on the high end, but once you start playing on one of these systems you will soon realize it's worth every penny. Think about this, if you were to buy a portable unit for say $300, it's only a matter of time before your kids leave it out in a storm and it tips over and gets smashed!(money down the drain). Drive around and see what your neighbors have for portables, or even for the cheaper in-ground, adjustable models, and just about every one has been tipped over at one point or another and is cracked, busted, bent or beat up. Personally, I'd rather spend a little bit extra and have years of quality play!
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