Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball in Golden Valley, MN

David's attached three photos of his family's basketball court aka the driveway shows that their playing area is 22 ft wide and 21 ft deep. Other two pictures with their Suburban under their Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System to demonstrate that you don't need a fancy sport court to enjoy a Pro Dunk Hoop. They did add the new concrete to make the playing area closer to "key" size, and now they also have a carport.

There is an aerial view of the playing area.

David demonstrates that you don't need a fancy sport court to enjoy a Pro Dunk Hoop.

You can even park your vehicle right under the hoop.
More information about David's Photos
Court Width 22 Feet
Court Depth 21 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System
Order Date July 2012
Customer David J
Location Golden Valley, MN
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Concrete Slab
Great photos of dedicated concrete pads as basketball courts including fancy surfaced courts, barebones courts and everything in-between.
Photos of basketball goals utilizing the driveway as a great playing area.
Driveway Or Patio Extension
Great examples of how our customers have poured a little extra concrete or put down some blacktop to extended their driveway or patio to create a wonderful basketball court for their family.
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Basketball playing areas in our customer's front yards including mostly driveway applications.
Get ideas for your home basketball court by browsing through this huge selection of neighborhood hoops.
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