Parking lot turned basketball court

The paver trimmed parking lot makes for a great basketball court complete with Pro Dunk Platinum basketball system and full half-court white striping.

Well done on the striping of this court. The white is a good contrast to the black asphalt and everything has been done including the key, jump circle and three-point line.

A very unique perspective on this parking lot basketball court. The Pro Dunk Platinum basketball system sits right behind a line of pavers adding a nice trim to the asphalt court.

The Pro Dunk Platinum system is installed right off this asphalt court maximizing the safe play overhang of four feet.

A great shot of the Pro Dunk Platinum regulation-size tempered glass backboard with beautiful foliage seen around and through the clear glass.
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Court Width 58 Feet
Court Depth 30 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Platinum Basketball System
Order Date April 2012
Customer Daniel O
Location New City, NY
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A unique perspective on these basketball courts. The view from above helps visualize the playing area almost like a diagram. Often these photos are taken from a balcony, elevated porch or the second story of the customer's home.
Asphalt Concrete Blacktop
Some great photos of what can be done using blacktop (a.k.a. asphalt concrete or pavement) existing and new.
Half Court
Wonderful pictures of basketball half-courts submitted by our customers and one of the largest categories of photo albums we have.
Parking Lot
Great photos of parking lots that double as a basketball courts creating a wonderful space to get children active outside.
Great photos demonstrating how our customers used and dealt with pavers on their basketball court.
Basketball courts that have the key, three-point line and and other lines striped.
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