Pro Dunk Gold Basketball in Clermont, Florida

Dan and his family, especially his sons love their Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System. Better than expected, they use it everyday. Their goal is on the side of their concrete driveway in front of their residence in Clermont, Florida.

There is another picture of him dunking the goal.

There is a front view of a Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System that is adjusted low.

There is one of Dan's sons dunking the adjusted low basket.

On the bottom right you can see another son who looks on his basketball on the ground.

There is he shooting his basketball at the goal.
More information about Dan's Photos
Court Width 20 Feet
Court Depth 30 Feet
Product Pro Dunk Gold Basketball System
Order Date March 2013
Customer Dan H
Location Clermont, FL
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Adjusted Low
Basketball goals that have been lowered from regulation height for your dunking pleasure.
Concrete Slab
Great photos of dedicated concrete pads as basketball courts including fancy surfaced courts, barebones courts and everything in-between.
Photos of basketball goals utilizing the driveway as a great playing area.
Front Yard
Basketball playing areas in our customer's front yards including mostly driveway applications.
If you're looking for a reason to buy a new basketball hoop, take a look at all the family fun you could be having with these great action shots.
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