Pro Dunk Seattle

💪 Heavy-duty basketbal hoops 50% heavier vs store brands 🚚 shipped directly to you & 🔧 installed by top local Seattle profesionals
In-Ground Adjustable
In-Ground Fixed-Height
Pro Dunk Hoops has teamed up with David Stamets at Cascadia Installs in Seattle, WA to offer you the best basketball goals on the market manufacture-direct with installation by the most professional crews in all of Seattle.
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Cascadia Install
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David Stamets
Service Area
Regional company servicing many areas with local crews including Seattle and all of Washington, Idaho, Oregon, Northern California and Southern California including LA, Colorado, Wyoming, Iowa, the Greater Chicago area and Tampa FL.
David Stamets has been operating Cascade Technical Group since 2008. He is an exceptional installer specializing in leadership and attention to detail. He provides high quality work to residents throughout the West coast. Call him today to schedule an appointment!