Lightning Adjust

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First and only drill powered height adjustment. 5 to 10 feet in under 10 seconds with the squeeze of a trigger. Full details here [patent pending]
Works on all THOR basketball systems
Use any name brand 18v to 24v battery powered drill
Flip down holster enables effortless one-handed use
How to use lightning adjust video
Allows for manual hand crank adjustment if you prefer
Works on existing THOR systems (Installation Video)
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Lightning Adjust
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Help me identify my basketball hoop
Lightning Adjust only works on THOR basketball systems. If you're certain you have a THOR system you can simply measure the width of your backboard to identify your model.
72"THOR Diamond or Platinum (doesn't matter which one you select)
60"THOR Gold
54"THOR Silver
Alternatively use the model plate on your system
Feel free to give our experts a call to help 888-600-8545 or email a photo of your system to [email protected]
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Answer ID 160
Does the Lightning Adjust work with all of your adjustable hoops?
No. Lightning Adjust is compatible with THOR basketball systems only.
Answer ID 161
Can I still adjust the system manually?
Yes, a manual handle is included. Manual adjustment can be done by a child age 6 and up. Drill adjustment should be done by an adult that has familiarized themselves with the operation of the Lightning Adjust system.
Answer ID 162
Is a drill included with the Lightning Adjust System?
No, although you can add one on during checkout if you'd like.
Answer ID 163
What are the drill requirements?
It must be battery operated 18 - 24 volt. It cannot be a corded drill and it cannot be a hammer / impact drill ... both types would likely damage the Lightning Adjust system. When using your drill it must be set in low gear (1, not 2). High gear will go too fast and could damage the Lightning Adjust system.
Answer ID 164
Can I upgrade my current THOR actuator?
Yes, you can swap out the hand crank actuator for the Lightning Adjust actuator. You'll need two wrenches and work on just two bolts. Everything can be done from a standing position in about 10 minutes. Watch a swap out here.