In-Stock Delivers with hoop or separately via UPS at about the same time
Includes our indoor/outdoor complete gym backboard system, competition grade break-away rim and polyurithane skinned high-impact backboard padding. The rim includes two heavy guage springs and can be calibrated for regulation play breaking away at 165lbs of pressure. The backboard padding is molded around steel inserts that get bolted into the bottom of the backboard frame. Weighs 220 lbs.
Package includes backboard, rim and padding
Everything you need to replace a backboard in your gym
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Break-away heavy-weight rim
Durable black backboard padding
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$1,119.00 ea
Gym Backboard $795.00
In-Stock Delivers with hoop or separately via UPS at about the same time
Complete regulation backboard system with 1/2" thick tempered glass etched with shooter's square and perimeter markings. Framed in aluminum and reinforced with powder coated steel frame. Includes rim mounting glass cut out and predrilled steel frame ready to accept rims with a 5" x 5" hole pattern. Steel frame has slotted holes at all four corners of the 72" wide x 42" tall backboard for easy mouunting to a variety of structures. Although meant as a replacement board for gymnasiums, everything is rated for outdoor use perfect for custom jobs like wall mounting if you can do some fabrication work. Weighs 195 lbs.
Fully steel framed ready for four corner mounting
Glass cut with levelable rim mounting
Regulation ½" tempered glass
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$795.00 ea